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Cash Manager

What is Cash Manager?

Cash Manager is a cash management app, equipped with all the functions needed to execute transactions and generate reports quickly. The app was designed for clients with clients.

With streamlined usability and enhanced functionality, Cash Manager offers clients a global solution to create, authorize and reconcile payments. Cash Manager enables multiple views, simplified review and approval processes, and advanced quality reporting, including full audit trails on user permissions and changes.

Cash Manager is now available as an App on Autobahn App Market, Deutsche Bank's secure single access channel for electronic banking.

View key accounts and tasks instantly with the intuitive dashboard

With Cash Manager's dashboard, you will save valuable time managing your global cash flows. The dashboard is the first screen you will see upon launching the app.

From the dashboard, key tasks are only one click away, whether you are creating, authorising, or reconciling payments. You can quickly view balances, query transactions, access pending instructions, and generate reports.

You can easily customize your dashboard and transaction review screens. Cash Manager's smart memory will automatically save your adjustments, making the platform work better for you and your business.

Access anytime, anywhere with enhanced compatibility and coverage

You can use Cash Manager on any browser via a computer or tablet. Available across Deutsche Bank's global footprint, Cash Manager supports 19 languages. Accessible 24 hours a day, the app is equipped with a comprehensive payment functionality to prepare instructions in local formats according to applicable regulations.

Protect your global business with customizable security features

As our world becomes more digital, security measures need to be stronger than ever. To counter evolving threats, Deutsche Bank has introduced enhanced security features for Cash Manager to prevent cyber fraud and help clients secure their essential assets.

With a security token, Cash Manager allows for secure login and authorization through Two-Factor Authentication, which addresses industry-wide demand for strengthened account security. Other security features include critical modification alerts, IP filtering, non-editable format for file uploads, and pre-approved templates.

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For more information about Deutsche Bank, Cash Management for Corporates, please click here.

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Last Update: 8.11.2019
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