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With the expanded Autobahn offering comes a whole new range of services and products Deutsche Bank can propose to its clients. Our brochures and factsheets allow you to explore the whole world of Autobahn.

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Autobahn Overview (documents)

Autobahn - Home to our best ideas

Since 1996, Autobahn has been connecting clients to Deutsche Bank's innovative electronic product and service offering. Originally launched as an execution tool, Autobahn now offers an integrated experience, and provides electronic access to Deutsche Bank's wealth of sales, trading and research know-how as well as seamless access to the bank's transaction banking services.

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Autobahn overview (factsheet)


Autobahn App Market Overview (documents)

100 Apps, 100 ideas, and counting

100 Apps, 100 ideas, and counting

Autobahn offers you access to all of Deutsche Bank's electronic services in one single place. Whether you are looking for research, technical data or market commentaries, the Autobahn App Market provides fast and simple access to the right information to stay up to date.

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Autobahn App Market - Overview (factsheet)



Autobahn: Commodities factsheet
Your gateway to one of the leading commodities franchises in the world Autobahn offers fast, reliable and flexible access to a broad range of commodities, provided by one of the leading commodities franchises in the world. Trade spot, forwards, options and futures instruments utilising specialised functionality for commodities traders. more


CDS Trading with Deutsche Bank via Bloomberg
Deutsche Bank now provides trading access to Index and Single name CDS products through our DBCD pages. Access to these pages can be arranged by your Salesperson. In order to access the page, type in DBCD.  more

Global Transaction Banking

With the industry-wide shift of emphasis back towards liquidity provision, client centric developments, customizable execution and technology, the Autobahn App Market allows clients to manage all their transactions across the globe electronically via one single access point. They can track performance and mitigate risk while streamlining their daily workflows, increase productivity and maximise returns.

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Autobahn provides clients with access to Deutsche Bank's award-winning electronic Equity trading solutions and algorithms.

In a world of increasingly complex and rapidly evolving electronic markets, you need a partner with advanced technology and global access to the best pools of liquidity.

Your executions need to optimize the balance between extracting liquidity while controlling market impact and maintaining anonymity.

Our trading solutions are engineered by the best in the industry, connecting you to our deep global pools of liquidity and the expertise of Deutsche Bank to help you manage it.

See our Equity page click here for information on enhancements to our product suite and insight into the latest developments in the electronic trading space.  

Fixed Income

Autobahn: Fixed Income factsheet

Autobahn - from single bonds to complex derivatives, gain unrivalled access to a vast spectrum of Fixed Income Instruments Deutsche Bank has a truly global reach, providing customers with the competitive advantage to access liquidity and market insight 24 hours a day. In all our regional hubs our ecommerce experts work closely with our clients in order to provide truly customised solutions - pro-actively responding to client needs and market developments. more

Prism on Autobahn factsheets

Experience ground breaking electronic liquidity in USD Treasuries, Interest Rate Swaps and Futures. Prism provides aggregated liquidity across the rates spectrum (eg., swaps, treasuries and futures). An innovative form of liquidity, it also employs algorithms and principal risk-taking liquidity to support complex, multi-legged strategies across these asset classes. Trading in the rates markets has undergone many changes in the past few years. As this market continues to evolve, highly liquid markets will need more transparency, flexibility, efficiency, and speed.  more

Tradefinder on Autobahn

TradeFinder is Deutsche Bank's flagship pre-trade, trade and post-trade platform on Autobahn. It offers clients, traders and sales people a wide range of cross market functionality ranging from time series analysis, relative value scans, asset liability management, portfolio analyses and optimisation to trade execution and clearing tools.  more

Foreign Exchange

FX Electronic Trading from the World's No 1 FX Bank
Autobahn is Deutsche Bank's award-winning electronic distribution service offering access to our FX trading capabilities.
Designed by FX experts and leveraging off Deutsche Bank's eCommerce knowledge, it provides easy-to-use trading functionality, state-of-the-art order functionality in cash and options, complemented with dynamically priced executable streaming prices customised to suit each client's requirements. In a world where the ability to offer truly deep liquidity is paramount to clients, Autobahn sets itself apart from its peers by tapping into its vast internal and external franchise. In today's world, the dynamics of the markets can change very quickly. The ability to develop timely market-leading solutions for our clients is crucial. Autobahn rises head and shoulders above its competitors by continually delivering revolutionary products and functionality. more 

FX Electronic Trading In Brief - more

FX Electronic Trading, Offshore Chinese Renminbi (CNH) capabilities - more

FX Electronic Trading: Algorithmic Execution
Deutsche Bank's award winning Autobahn offers an algorithmic execution product in foreign exchange.   The product allows you to use a strategy that matches your trading requirements; have full control over your execution; execute directly on FX execution venues or directly against Deutsche Bank prices and gives you additional transparency and benchmarking via our post-trade transaction cost analysis portal. more

FX Indices on AutobahnTM
Clients often have a single currency view that they want to express in the simplest way possible.  This is where trade- weighted indices come in - let the central bank decide what the most relevant measure of the currency's strength is - and trade that! more

Electronic Futures & Options, Proprietary Execution Trading Solution
Deutsche Bank's Electronic Futures & Options application on Autobahn is a fully customisable order execution management system that provides direct market access to global futures and options exchanges. more  

Non Deliverable Options (NDOs) on Asia currencies are now available on Autobahn - more

FX Structured Deposits
Clients can now trade FX structured deposits such as Dual Currency Investments (DCI) and Range Bonus Deposits (RBD) on AutobahnT. The structured deposits platform has been specially designed to be used by financial institutions wishing to offer FX-linked investment products to their own customers.

Deutsche Bank provides ready-to-use indicative term sheets for clients to deliver to their own customers as well as a range of other pricing and marketing tools. The platform can also be used very easily by corporations and institutional investors. more


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