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Foreign Exchange

Dynamic. Consistent. Intuitive.

Deutsche Bank's award-winning, next generation Foreign Exchange trading platform is the latest milestone in delivering the liquidity and services clients need in a fast moving market and evolving regulatory landscape.

Accessible via Deutsche Bank's Autobahn App Market, the first 'App-based' electronic client offering the financial services industry, the new platform delivers the latest tools to help the continued success of our clients in the world's largest market.


What's New

Access via the App Market
The App Market is a central access point to Deutsche Bank's full suite of electronic services such as research, analytics, charting and trading across assets.
For access to the App Market email us now

Non-deliverable forwards
Allows you to view and trade on streaming NDF currency pairs as quickly as spot

Voice & E blotter
Gives greater accessibility and much more control of your portfolio

NDF fast order functionality
Provides fast and more reliable execution

Tradable streaming NDF swaps
Gives greater comfort and transparency to trade the product

Enhanced orders
Offers a more intuitive approach to orders and order entry

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For access to our new market leading FX trading platform please contact your local salesperson or email our support team at

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