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In a world of increasingly complex and rapidly evolving electronic markets, you need a partner with cutting edge technology and global access to the best pools of liquidity. Your executions need to optimize the balance between extracting liquidity while controlling market impact and maintaining anonymity.

Our trading solutions are engineered by the best in the industry, connecting you to our deep global pools of liquidity and the expertise of Deutsche Bank to help you manage it.

We call this Smarter Liquidity.  


Our opinion

From black box to glass box
Ken Gleason, global head, and Christian Hesse, senior quantitative strategist for equity trading product development, explain how real-time TCA tools like Trade Insight can enhance the use and understanding of execution algorithms.

Foresight, hindsight and now real-time trade insight.
The new Trade Insight App brings a new level of transparency to algorithmic trading by offering a real-time heads-up insight into strategy performance and execution quality.

Choosing the right pools for your custom blend of dark liquidity
Christian Hesse, Senior Quantitative Strategist for Equity Electronic Trading in Europe, explains how dark liquidity seeking algorithms continue to adapt in a changing and fragmented market environment.

Levelling the playing field with dbIntegrate
Alessandro Bressan, Director, Equities Electronic Trading, talks to The Trade about a new business model, set up by Deutsche Bank, which helps brokers and banks compete with bulge-bracket firms in the fragmented equity execution space.

FTSE Global Markets
Jose Marques, Global head of Equity Electronic Trading, joins a round table discussion on the lessons from market change: who wins and who loses in the new trading paradigm.

In-flight information
Andrew Morgan, DB's head of Autobahn Equity Europe,  talks to The Trade about whether the tools developed to help the buy-side make sense of the algos they are using have lived up to expectations.

European Dark Pools: Quality, Control and Change

Christian Hesse, Senior Quantitative Strategist for Equity Electronic Trading in Europe, talks to Automated Trader about the impact regulations will have on the quality of dark pools in Europe.

The next evolutionary step

Greg Lee, DB's head of Autobahn Equity in Asia, explains how seeking out liquidity jist got a whole lot smarter in The Trade Asia.

Stealth: Deutsche Bank's next generation liquidity seeking algorithm

SuperX Plus: intelligently seeks dark liquidity while offering order protection for smarter execution

DB Algorithms in Action: our sophisticated, award winning algorithm suite

Market Coverage on Autobahn: offering electronic access to over 70 markets worldwide

European Algo Suite: a quick guide to our current European algo suite.

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Last Update: 5.2.2014
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