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February 12, 2013

New market updates from Deutsche Bank's e-Commerce experts

Deutsche Bank's 'Expert Views' is a regular series of video updates by our eCommerce experts on new developments, opportunities and challenges in their markets. These are designed to provide insights into the changing face of financial markets at a time of significant regulatory and technological transformation.

Click on the videos below to see what Deutsche Bank's experts have to say about the outlook for FX, Equities, Rates and Credit over the coming months:


FX Outlook 2013 (Serge Marston and Kevin Rodgers, February 2013)


Equities Outlook 2013 (Serge Marston and Andrew Morgan, February 2013)


Rates & Credit Outlook 2013 (Serge Marston and Matthew Hodgson, February 2013)

Expert Series

Outlook 2013 for FX, Equities and Rates & Credit
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